Our opening activity is designed to have you quickly find a piece of media (image, audio, video) to share into this web site’s SPLOT features. Our topic is… weather.

The Prompt

Think of how you are feeling right now, your mood, disposition, body senses. Now, if you were to represent that the weather, what would it be? Sunny? Stormy? Calm? What is your mood right now?

Thinking of that, what comes to mind visually- some kind of photo? Maybe a song? Or even… if you were to record your own weather mood as a forecast, what would it say?

Do not over think it, just jot some notes or even doodle what your weather mood might be.

Find The Media

The SPLOT site we will use allows you to share media directly from several sites, or can be uploaded as a file. Find something that can represent the mood you identified. Be quick! Here are some suggestions for seeking your weather mood check in. We urge you to use either your own media or ones that are openly licensed or sharing.

Keep track of the web address that links to the source of your weather media.

Images / Photos


This SPLOT can accept direct links to videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and yes, even TikTok. Search for your weather moody video, and save that URL!

Record Audio

Record your own weather description as audio! Try a web-based recorder such as Vocaroo or Sodaphonic, record your audio, and save the web address.

Share Your Mood Weather Check In

Now it is time to share your media directly into this site and see first hand what it is like to add media to a SPLOT.

First head over to the sharing form (this site is set up to require an access code for seeing the form, we will provide it during the workshop or by request later). Along with your media that you will add by linking to it’s URL or uploading an image, create a title, and write a short description that explains your mood.

Note that when you add to this site, you can use your own name as creator, add anonymously, or even create a pseudonym. This is a key SPLOT feature.

Finally, be sure to use the category for Moody Weather.

When you have finished, look to see your contribution at https://palooza.opened.ca/all

Check Out and Comment on the Weather Systems

Take some time to explore what others have shared- see how many you can give feedback to as comments.

Workshop Parts

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Featured Image: CCO Image from Rawpixel