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Cloudy and rainy weather

Heavy with worry

Here Comes the Sun Little Darling

welcoming the sun this morning!

Current rainy day out my window in the northwest territories

I just took this photo out my window because I am lacking creative ideas

Lightning crashes

It’s not only a Live song from the 90’s – it is my moody weather report for today. Sunshine at…

The Sounds of SPLOTs in Sodaphonic

Sodaphonic Boombox is my favorite new audio recording tool! Anyone can record audio in a web browser (works too on…

TikTok Can Be in your SPLOT

A brand new feature in SPLOTbox is support for adding a TikTok video simply from its web address. As a…

Record Audio Directly into this SPLOT

As an owner of a SPLOTbox powered site, you can enable a built in audio recorder to add directly to…

SPLOTs are Not Splotchy

Well I just was looking to demonstrate using a flickr image, and I searched my own photos (I have quite…

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