A music festival sign of blobby text reading - Splotapalooz--, a remix of Lalapalooza, over numbers reading -- 2022
Lollapalooza Sign flickr photo by tammylo shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license remixed by Alan Levne to spell out “Splotapalooza”

Explore using SPLOTs to share learning objects, deepen understanding, and build learning community.

What are SPLOTs? There is a bit of playful mystery about this odd word, but you will learn more at this BCcampus FLO Lab scheduled for July 27, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (PT). Register now to be part of SPLOTapalooza. You can access all materials at any time, whether you are in the workshop or not, the palooza activity can be ongoing.

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What’s In this SPLOT?

This site is also a SPLOT itself, designed to house collections of different kinds of media (images, audio, video) with descriptions added by the workshop participants or anyone who wanders by later (that is you!).

Get a taste by browsing all items shared or see what you get by a random spin. Here are the most recently added ones in response to the Moody Weather check in.

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