• (1) Fun check in.
  • (2) What is a SPLOT?
  • (3) Your 1st post to a SPLOT (Moody weather report).
  • (4) Show-and-Tell from Jessica about using SPLOTs for course-related comics.
  • (5) More SPLOT background from Alan — our SPLOT wizard.
  • ***15-minute half time coffee break***
  • (6) Teams will review many SPLOTs and choose a winner to showcase.
  • (7) Create your own SPLOT to work on later.
  • (8) Q & A session.
  • (9) Final “What the BLEEP is a SPLOT?” comic challenge.
  • (10) Thank you and feedback.

Workshop Parts

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Featured Image: Pexels photo by Lulo